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Booky Ramblings of a Neurotic Mom was started by Shona in July 2012 and since then the blog has continued to grow, not just in followers but in reviewers too. We love to read, share book reviews and recommend books to our friends.
We hope you enjoy our reviews, interviews, giveaways and all the other interesting things we add to Booky Ramblings of a Neurotic Mom! We also like talking about these books, so please don’t hesitate to comment on our posts if you see something that interests you.


I am 38 and have been happily married for many many years. Our family is large and loud with four beautiful, but very independent, strong-willed girls running around under foot. We have ourselves a menagerie of animals, at the moment we have 1 cat, 1 very beautiful Belgian Shepherd Dog, 1 Bearded Dragon, 3 Royal Pythons, 13 Corn Snakes, 2 Boa Constrictors, 2 Burmese Pythons, 3 Vieled (Yemen) Chameleons, 2 Leopard Geckos and the newest addition to our mini zoo are two rather adorable Horsefield tortoises.

I like to read. A lot. And for this reason I LOVE my kindle. It has made it possible for me to read so many more books than I would have been able to afford to read before. Not to mention its space-saving capabilities. I have longed for my own library for so long that we cleared out a closet that we only ever used for hiding things out of sight in and have shelved it. I now have my very own walk in library. Albeit a mini one.

I love listening to music and I dabble in various crafty things, though admittedly I’m not very good at them. My list of hobbies include scrap-booking and cross-stitching. My newest ‘fad’ is crocheting. After my friend taught herself to crochet and made me a blanket my girls all asked for one I decided it would be a great home-made present for Xmas and asked my friend to teach me. I have made many blankets, scarves and hats for me and the kids and have recently tried my hand at toys. This hobby I can see sticking around for a while. As long as I can still get plenty of reading in.


I am 30, a full-time sahm to 3 beautiful daughters.
Although life is fantastic, most days can be pretty hectic, and I love nothing more than tucking myself into a corner and losing myself in a good book. I got a passion for reading from a very young age, and by the time I was 12 I was raiding the bookshelves of my parents to find anything to read. I started off pinching my mums Virginia Andrews and Danielle Steel books, before finding her stash of Jackie Collins books when I was older! And then I moved on to my dads, Stephen King and James Herbert, resulting in finding two of my favourite ever books, The Stand, and the Fog. I found that reading such a mix of different styles of books from an early age has helped me appreciate books from across the genres, and although currently my favourite genre is Paranormal, I will happily read books from pretty much any genre. 
As well as reading, I like to attempt a bit of writing, and my newest hobby is cake decorating!


I’m a 33-year-old, married, stay at home mum of 3. Any spare moment I get around my family life is spent reading, which is a big passion of mine. My kindle travels everywhere with me and I would be lost without it! There really is nothing better than getting lost in between the pages of a book!
My passion for reading I am very proud to say I passed on to my eldest daughter Bethany, who is one of our junior reviewers also!
As well as reading, I also enjoy writing, and released my debut novel in January 2015. 


Hi! My name is Clare, I'm 29 and mother to two beautiful girls. I love to read and do so as much as I possibly can, my other love is music and I find they often go hand in hand!! I read almost any genre, paranormal and thrillers are my favourite although I love a good romantic comedy too!!


Hi I'm Kerry I'm a 24 year old mum to one gorgeous 6 year old. I also work part time in a local shop to keep my sanity and get out of the house for a bit. I love reading have done since I first picked up Harry Potter. Typically you can find me all cosy in my bed with a cup of tea and a book! An old lady before my time I've been told but it suits me perfectly. I typically like romance any type of romance. YA, new adult are a favourite of mine. Although I am willing to give anything a try once never know what your going to like if you don't try it.


Hello booky followers!!
I'm a mummy to two wonderful little girls aged 9 and 4. My life totally revolves around them and work, then the girls and their activities again so sitting down at the end of a day and delving into someone else's world is sooo welcome. I hadn't really read since leaving school until a wonderful holiday where I found my love for reading again, over 10 years ago. I've not looked back and have read too many books to count now. My favourite ever series is Stephen King's Dark Tower series but I will try anything really. Being a reviewer here has given me the opportunity to open the pages of many more genres than I'd likely have otherwise tried and I'm so happy and privelidged to do it. I hope you enjoy the reviews but more importantly, the books.

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